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We have strong experience on Linux administration and security. Our first Linux server management with several dedicated servers was in 2004, and since 2015 we moved our entire servers to the cloud solutions.


Our main validator and backup node are in Singapore on 2 different data centers, all servers are running on fastest cloud infrastructure with unlimited bandwidth. We monitor both validator and backup nodes automatically and target a goal of at least 99.99% uptime.


Our validator node is KYC verified with Radix Foundation's service.

Our fee is 1.88% to maintain a sustainable staking service. This fee will be used for covering the hosting and operation cost.

We make sure that our staking service so easy and safe for all our delegators. If you have any questions please just contact us via our Telegram or email.


We are a small developer team from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and we are planning to deliver some projects based on the public blockchain technology. While researching many layer 1 blockchains, we come by and read the story of Dan Hughes and the technologies of Cerberus consensus layer and Blueprints/Components application layer. We are very interested on Radix and plan to develop a mobile wallet for Olympia and some other products when Babylon is coming Q1 2023. And as a commitment, we setup our validator node so we can have closer understanding of the technology that we believe in.

EasyStake's Realtime Statistics

Running Status Recent Uptime Owner Stake Total Stake
Running (UP) 100.0% 91,878 9,031,843

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who controls my stake?

You continue to fully own and control your tokens when staked. Your tokens are never under the control of EasyStake. Read more.

How do I setup my wallet?

Radix Desktop Wallet can be installed on Windows, macOS or Linux. Read more.

How do I stake and unstake?

Stake or unstake your XRD is very easy with the Radix Desktop wallet. Read more.

Are my funds safe on Radix?

In short, yes, Radix stake is absolutely safe. Your funds are safe on Radix as the Radix Public Network is secure. Read more.

What is your fee?

Our fee is only 1.88%, we will need a small fee for covering the hosting and operation cost.

When will I get my staking rewards?

Normally you will receive your rewards about every 30 minutes. Our low 1.88% fee means our delegators will earn more.